Rising London rapper Life returns today with "Oprah's Limo", a new single lifted from his forthcoming EP, Jones, due out later this year.

At the top of year, Life ended a period of relative quiet with "Girls Don't Mind", also freeing up a few freestyles online for good measure. Punching out rhymes with focus and crystal clarity on "Oprah's Limo", it would suggest he's firmly back in stride, with much more to come.

Opening with the sampled tones of soulstress Enkay Rockson, "Oprah's Limo" explores the effects of the MC's life experiences, which happen to include encounters with the iconic US TV mogul. With the artwork derived from a real-life photo of the rapper, his sister and Oprah together, Life shared with us the stories behind the image.

Speaking with Complex via email, Life said: "My mother was very close friends with Maya Angelou—she would take my twin sister and I over to her house every year, for thanksgiving, and through that, I've had the blessing of being around a lot of amazing people, including Oprah. Now much older, I wanted to shed some light on that part of my life—not just who these people were, but more so the blessings of even being able to say I've been around them."

Produced by Awhlee, check the new single below.

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