Last week, R. Kelly was arrested on 13 counts of sex crimes and racketeering charges. While this is a win for the prosecution, the parents of his alleged lovers are concerned about the safety of their children. 

Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary were assumedly living at the Trump Towers Chicago with the singer. There was no trace of the women when federal authorities raided Kelly's apartment on Thursday.

But according to the family's lawyer Gerald Griggs, the Savages believe Joycelyn and Azriel are with the remaining members of R. Kelly's inner circle at an undisclosed location. They fear that the young women are so entranced by the situation that they may have made a suicide pact following Kelly's mounting charges. 

After R. Kelly's arrest, the singer's publicist Darrell Johnson held a press conference to address the new charges. In a desperate attempt to seek answers, Joycelyn's father Timothy Savage interrupted Johnson by bombarding him with questions regarding his child.

"I don't wanna hear all that," Savage yelled. "I wanna know where my daughter's at! Answer that question."

The Savages still believe that Joycelyn and Azriel are still in the Trump Towers. Kelly had two units in the building, according to TMZ. The one that was under his name was raided by the police; there's another unit under Clary's name that the police were not allowed to search.

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