Jadakiss previously explained that he liked cheeseless pizza, but Twitter flipped out earlier this week when his crust-only pizza from Cuts & Slices in NYC was discovered.

The rapper's order went viral, and now Jadakiss has responded to the reaction the pizza provoked. "The crust was always my favorite part of the pizza from when I was a little kid," he told TMZ. "Now that I'm on the healthy thing, and I found out how bad dairy is, I used to just rip the cheese off and just eat the pizza like that. And then my bucket list was always [to] go in the pizza shop and try to just order crust. A pie, a pie of crust." 

While he could just order garlic dippers or something among those lines, Jadakiss remains committed to the crust. "I never could do it, until my man Randy [Mclaren], he got the Cuts & Slices pizza shop in Brooklyn... So, the owner was my man," he continued. "I'm like, 'Do you think you could make me a pie just the crust?' He's like, 'You serious, Kiss?' And I'm like, 'Yeah man, just make it. Try it for me.'"

His special order might have gotten some laughs, but he doesn't appear to be too phased by the reaction. "Everybody was laughing, but I enjoyed it," he added. "He [Randy] reposted the one he made for me last year, and then the thing went viral."

He defended the choice, telling TMZ that it's his decision to eat what he wants. "Pizza lovers around the world, enjoy the pizza however you wanna enjoy," he said with a smile. "Don't get mad at me, I'm not knocking it if you get extra cheese. [...] I just like the crust."