If reciting "til death do us part" wasn't enough to show critics the strength of their union, Cardi B took things a step further by getting Offset's stage name tattooed on her leg.

On Saturday, the Migos rapper took to social media where he shared a screenshot from a Facetime call with his wife. In the image, Cardi is seen showing off what appears to be a new tattoo that reads "Offset." As expected, the rapper was pleased to see his wife's new ink and captioned the post, "CANT WAIT TO GET HOME."

This is not the first time the couple has used body art to display their love. In January of 2018, Offset tattooed the Powerpuff Girl, Buttercup, on his neck with "Cardi B" written under the cartoon.

But, unlike Offset's tat, Cardi's piece comes at a time when the couple appears to be in a more solid space. The beginning of their marriage was tainted by Offset's reported infidelity. But, after going on a highly publicized apology tour, Offset (with the help of his famous friends) was able to salvage his marriage. Kulture's parents now seem to be fully committed to each other with a pair of tattoos to prove it.