Although they've never stopped collaborating, it appears that Metro Boomin and 21 Savage have finally found the time to give their fans what they want.

During his Los Angeles concert on Saturday, 21 was joined on stage by his friend and super-producer Metro Boomin. The two have a storied history together, so 21's ability to pull the reclusive Metro Boomin on to the stage was not that shocking. But, as the rapper ended the show, he dropped a bomb on the audience.

"Savage Mode 2 on the motherf**kin way!" 21 told the crowd.

While they've both hinted at a sequel to their 2016 mixtape on several occasions, Savage Mode 2 was becoming their version of Detox. Yet, 21 Savage's on-stage announcement seemed to hold more weight, as Metro was standing right beside him. The time between Savage Mode and the possible release of Savage Mode 2 can be attributed to a few things. The first could be Metro Boomin's new fluctuating schedule. From 2013-2017, Metro Boomin worked non-stop en route to becoming a go-to producer. But in 2017, Metro announced that he was "retired" from rap music, and dropped his debut album NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES in Nov. of 2018.

Coinciding with Metro's elusive personality are the changes 21 Savage has made. Since Savage Mode, 21 has released two successful albums, started financial literacy programs, dated Amber Rose, and been detained by ICE. But now it appears that the two have been able to align their lifestyles and are closer to making Savage Mode 2 a reality.