UPDATED 06/24/19 6:05 p.m. ET: 19-year-old Landon Rivera, the creator of the viral Beyoncé's assistant thread, spoke to BuzzFeed News about it all. He says it took him about 5 hours to create. "It’s pretty much divided off common logic and some Beyoncé trivia," Rivera explained. "I know more than enough about Beyoncé, so I decided, why not make it about working with her?"

He continued: "I hope she would laugh and not be too offended [...] Especially since I kind of twisted her persona to be a cliché celebrity."

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While there are dozens of viral Twitter threads, one in particular is getting praised: the Beyoncé’s assistant game.

Twitter user @CornyAssBitch started the thread on Saturday.

Your first task is choosing Bey’s most important meal of the day: “It’s your first day on the job and Beyoncé is getting ready for a red carpet. What are you getting her for breakfast? Yogurt, granola and strawberries or a 5-star breakfast.”

Your choice determines whether you continue or whether you’re fired. However, it looks like it’s pretty easy to get fired: Chrissy Teigen lost three questions in.

Teigen's own assistant got fired after the first question. 

Take your chances with the viral game above, and read some of the funniest reactions below.