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The beginnings of a romance can be a tricky time. You're both on your best behaviour and it can sometimes take a while before the facade drops. That reveal can be a good thing and, as North London singer-songwriter Ryan Ashley and cohort Kate Stewart tell us on funk-filled R&B jam "Innocent", it's often better to get it all out in the open as soon as possible. And who knows? You might just find your new boo has their own dark side and a tendency for bad behaviour.

The video, directed by Lewis Knaggs, was conceived by Ashley along with his close friend and collaborator MNEK. Speaking with Complex via email, Ashley told us: "I wanted to have characters in the video that initially seemed quite innocent, but as the video progresses you get to see their darker/naughtier side. I took this idea to the director Lewis Knaggs (extremely talented and a pleasure to work with I must add) who helped craft it from there. There are a few friendly faces in the video too… Kabba, Becky Hill, Dionne Bromfield and of course my on screen boo Kate Stewart. I loved working with her on this one."

So, if you're currently navigating the minefield of a budding romance, pay close attention to Ashley and Stewart and be sure to take their advice to heart. Or, if you're somehow squeaky clean, just enjoy the deep grooves and the well-matched pair's disarmingly smooth voices.

"Innocent" is taken from the EP of the same name, due this July. Ryan Ashley will play his debut headline show at The Curtain Hotel in London. Head here for tickets and more info.