In response to the continuing crackdown against the UK drill scene, British rap duo Krept & Konan step forward to present a case for analysing the debate on a more personal level with new song "Ban Drill".

A short film directed by Rapman accompanies the track, and is shot in his familiarised, high-paced, scene-switching style, produced by Mouktar Mohammed (behind Giggs' The Essence film from April). As Krept & Konan aren't the immediate poster boys of the drill sound, the message could perhaps lose its potency; but as "Ban Drill" plays out the story of a young hopeful, one caught between his passions and his past, it's a scenario all too familiar for the PlayDirty pair.

"For most of us music is our escape from the fuckries that we go through growing up in the ends. Through road rap, drill etc a lot of us have become positive role models for our community," Konan shared in an op-ed yesterday for The Guardian, outlining his views further on the topic. With drill music and related sounds not only surviving but thriving at present, existing across millions of daily streams, you would be forgiven for thinking the fight against musical censorship had been won, but this is an ongoing struggle for freedom of expression in the arts with now being the time to pick a side.

Watch the 15-minute "Ban Drill" film at the top.