She's already won over legions of fans for her some landmark collabs with top-tier producers like Swing Ting, Murlo and Orlando Volcano, but now Gemma Dunleavy is taking centre stage with her new single "Better 4 U". The grimey undertones still flit through the mix, but this one's a little less club-focused than her previous output,
but that just gives her arresting vocals all the more space to thrive.

The new single (out now) dropped via 4AD's sister label, b4, and comes with the above visuals courtesy of filmmakers Albert Hooi and Jordan Ralph, who've crafted an equally intimate accompaniment. While we see shots of Dunleavy backed by stunning views of the countryside, her tale of forgiveness and relenting when maybe she shouldn't plays out in stunning quality.

"I wanted to show a part of my world while reflecting intimacy and isolation in equal parts," says Dunleavy. "The track was written as a lullaby. I wanted to contrast those saccharine feelings with some harder elements."