Water conservation is a growing global concern. Although this might not be an issue for people living in the Ohio River Valley, it seems like hip-hop's environmental activist (or Atavist), Future HNDRXX, used his powers to make sure these residents never experienced a drought.

On Monday, citizens living in Ohio's Coal Grove Village were surprised to see purple and pink water spewing out of their faucets. Contrary to the jokes, this wasn't caused by Dirty Soda, Spike Lee, or a fully loaded AP. According to a statement released by the Village of Coal Grove, the water's hue was the result of an issue at the city's water plant. Per reports, a malfunctioning led to "too much of a chemical to be released into the water system."

The water treatment plant operator Stephen Burchett later informed local news outlets that the water was exposed to "a large quantity of sodium permanganate." Although Burchett insists that the chemical is not harmful, the residents were ordered, "not to drink, bathe, or wash clothes using the water" until it was clear. The problem appeared to be rectified quickly, as the ban was lifted within hours on the same day. 

Like most things that hit the internet, the news of Coal Grove's purple water instantly became a muse for social media users to mold as they saw fit. Many took these headlines as an opportunity to pay homage to Pluto and his Purple Reign.

This comes after the rapper shook up the ecosphere. Last week, the Future Hive prepared for a drop after they noticed he deleted all the pictures on his Instagram. For those that know, this is a tale-tell sign that The Wizrd has some tricks up his sleeve. True to trend, on Tuesday, Future announced that his new album Save Me will drop this Friday.