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It seems no one is safe from "Fofty."

After putting several of his debtors on blast, 50 Cent turned his direction to G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo, whom he claims owes him some money.

"I was calling you ’cause I was thinking about people that gotta give me my money back," Fif said during a phone call that was shared on Instagram.

Yayo seemed to know where the conversation was headed. "Aww, man. Here we go.Come on, big homie. What you talkin’ about?" he said.

After reminding Yayo he has been giving him money for years, 50 said he was now looking for reimbursement. Yayo said he assumed that money was a gift rather than a loan.

"You never said I had to pay you back!" he responded. "We’re friends. What are you talking about?"

"I ain’t got no friends," 50 replied. "I love you, boy, but you need to give me some of that money back."

Yayo then suggested he pay off his debt in other ways: "You want me to shoot somebody? Point the finger. I’ll pay you back like that."

Check out the video below. 

50 did not say how much money he had given Yayo throughout the years, or how much money he was looking to get back. But, as pointed out by XXL magazine, there have been five people who have collectively owed Fif more than $1.8 million in 2019.