YG has been touring the radio show circuit to coincide with the release of his new album 4REAL 4REAL, speaking with Big Boy about Nipsey Hussle's passing and teasing an unreleased project with the late rapper on REAL 92.3. He also stopped by Power 106 Los Angeles, and his conversation there sees the Bompton rapper at his most relaxed discussing fatherhood and a particular bet he made with Post Malone.

Earlier this year, YG and Posty sat together at a Cowboys-Rams game, and when the Cowboys lost YG decided to rub it in. The two bet $20k on the game, but YG later said that Post never coughed up the dough. On Power 106, YG broke down the debt. When the subject came up at the 23:00 point of the interview, he revealed that Post still hasn't paid him. "He didn't pay me," he said, to which the hosts all said, "He got 20k." In response, YG added, "Shit, he ain't paying me. So I don't know, do he?"

Breaking down in laughter, he continued, "Ay Posty, give me my money." He then added that despite this, he has some debts of his own. "Ay I owe Meek Mill ten... It's either five or ten, because we bet on the Patriots," he said. "I owe Meek but I told Meek, I said, 'Hey bro I'ma pay you when Post Malone pay me.' I said, 'My n***a this rap shit ain't right.' Post Malone pay me I pay you, but you my n***a though."