To coincide with the release of his new album 4REAL 4REAL, YG sat down for two interviews on REAL 92.3 LA. The Bompton rapper talked with both the Cruz Show and Bootleg Kev & DJ Hed about his new record and his unreleased music with his close friend Nipsey Hussle.

"I mean, we got some songs for sure," he said at the 0:45 point of his interview with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed, above. "Me and Nip was just in the studio like last September, October, we had started to try to work on the project again and we was trying to put it out by December. But, shit just ain't happen." He continued, "I got a special project I was working on with Nip right before he passed. It’s like, it’s special, we gonna make that happen, his family and everybody want that to happen, that’s a priority for me."

Pressed for more and asked if it was a joint project or a compilation, YG smiled and responded, "Nah, it's something different. It's some next level shit though." At the 3:20 point he also said that he told a bunch of other artists at Coachella he was planning a special tribute to Nip and asked them to refrain. "I had my people tell all the rappers at Coachella, they can't do no Nipsey tribute," he explained. "I'm doing it. I didn't even want nobody to try it, 'cause I was gonna be mad."


Asked how he's dealing with the death of Hussle, he replied at the 1:30 mark of the Cruz Show interview, below, "I don't know, I'm just dealing with it." He said he's been speaking with the late rapper's family and close friends to help cope with his grief. "We always talking, I'm always checking on them." He added, "I feel like the homie was Jesus Christ." One of the songs on 4REAL 4REAL is comprised of audio of YG speaking at Nip's memorial.

Speaking with the Cruz Show, he also teased the elusive "special project" that he and Nip had been working on. "Before the homie went to heaven, we was working on a project from like January to March," he said at the 6:30 point." He also said Nip was on the way to see him when he got shot. "It's just sad, bro."

YG also said his guilty pleasure song is Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road," singing the hook for a brief moment at the 15 minute point above. "I be singing it, people be like, 'You fuck with that shit?' I'm like, 'Hell yeah!'"

Pretty dope album promo, even if YG isn't so sure about it.