YG stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to help host Jimmy Kimmel translate his newly released single "Go Loko" for older people who may not be familiar with the latest slang. 

"YG has a new single called 'Go Loko.' It’s a beautiful song about life, love, and relationships. However, if you’re of an older generation, it might be hard to follow," the description for the clip reads. "So as a service to our slang-challenged viewers, Jimmy & YG are here to help translate..."

Check out the latest installment of "New Lyrics for Old People" featuring YG up top. 

"Go Loko," which boasts appearances from Tyga and Puerto Rican artist Jon Z, dropped last week. 

YG also released the music video for "Go Loko." Check it out below if you missed it or want to give it another view. 

In addition, YG was joined by Tyga and Jon Z for a live performance of the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"Go Loko" follows the release of YG's single "Stop Snitchin." The Compton rapper is currently gearing up to drop his fourth studio album, 4 REAL 4 REAL.

The project is scheduled to arrive later this month.