Vince Staples has enjoyed the benefits of having copious amounts of toilet paper on hand for the past five years. This estimate thankfully doesn't come from a tepid "sources say" report, but instead, straight from Staples himself.

In a tweet that has since inspired this entire article, Staples told fans he hasn't had to endure a sudden toilet paper shortage in years thanks to his music. In a follow-up remark, he confirmed the ply count is indeed high.

Word of this consistently strong stock of a revered household essential arrives amid news of a casting update on Punk, the heist thriller (executive produced by Sylvester Stallone) starring Staples. Thursday, Cara Delevingne and Machine Gun Kelly were announced as having joined Richard Hughes' feature debut as a brother and sister duo leading a group of runaways, Staples' character included, on a post-rejection letter road trip.

Staples is also on the lineup for the anniversary-celebrating Woodstock 50 festival this August. As we all know by now, the festival has unfortunately been met with some perceived behind-the-scenes hiccups, eventually leading to claims of an outright cancelation. This week, however, some legal moves suggested that the show would go on as planned. "We have always relied on the truth and have never lost faith that the Festival would take place," co-founder Michael Lang told Rolling Stone.

At any rate, there is no force strong enough to stop these toilet paper tweets. Charmin, for what it's worth, really hopes their brand of paper is being kept in mind.