On Thursday night, Donald Trump gave his detractors the perfect ammunition to ridicule him: He stepped onto Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.  

This baffling and embarrassing kind of incident is the nightmare of middle schoolers everywhere, but in this case, it's more or less metaphorical of where things are at politically. Now, it's unclear if what we're seeing really is toilet paper or some kind of tissue, but either way people are running with a poop-related narrative it gleefully. And why not? We're moments away from an alleged sexual predator getting confirmed to the Supreme Court—we need something to take the edge off. 

Perhaps this is a small taste of karma for a man who once turned down a golden latrine, and spent the summer separating families. Who knows where the toilet paper came from, or where it's been? It seems unbelievable that he went all the way from a bathroom to a limo to an airplane without a single person notifying the president. Maybe this is the quiet resistance we've been hearing about all this time? 

Regardless of its origin story, the viral video is fodder for internet gold. Enjoy some wholesome and karmic reactions/memes.