On Thursday night in Los Angeles, Tyler, the Creator performed his new album, IGOR, in front of a live audience for the very first time. Dressed in the same suit and blonde wig from his recent promotional videos, Tyler played the full 12-song record in order as an intimate audience (and viewers watching the Apple Music live stream) looked on.

"I've been trying to make this shit since I was 14 years old, bro," Tyler revealed near the end of the performance, thanking his fans for their positive response to IGOR. Describing the show, he added, "It's like the progression of the album: It starts happy, then it's just dark and sad and just gross at the end. Fuck."

Pausing to share stories about the album throughout the performance, Tyler was open about the creation of IGOR, and the night served as a preview of what may come on his next tour (although he did admit concern about performing all his shows in the suit: "I don't know if I can do my whole next tour in this suit shit; my dick is suffocating").

Here's everything we learned from Tyler, the Creator's very first live performance of IGOR.