SZA took to Twitter to recount an experience she had while attempting to shop for some Fenty Beauty products at a Sephora in Calabasas.

The Ctrl singer says that security was called on her after (presumably) an associate, dubbed "Sandy Sephora" a la BBQ Becky, Permit Patty, etc., suspected she was stealing. "Lmao Sandy Sephora location 614 Calabasas called security to make sure I wasn’t stealing," SZA wrote. "We had a long talk. U have a blessed day Sandy."

Who knows, we might be getting the full version of that "Sephora" track from SZA in light of the news. 

Interestingly, SZA used to work at the beauty care store. She previously spoke to Elle about what she learned from her time working for the brand. "Basically, the most valuable thing I learned is that a lot of 'organic' things are bad for your skin," she explained. "Just because a product is 'natural' or 'vegan' doesn’t mean you won’t break out. There are so many natural and non-natural irritants, and some chemicals are actually nice to your skin, and some are hella chemical-y and mess up your complexion." Sage advice. 

Hopefully, none of this will get in the way of SZA and her next album, which TDE president Punch recently teased on Twitter. "Ctrl was a moment. Can't wait to start really digging into this SZA album," he wrote. "I got a couple ideas lol."