911 Audio Proves ‘Permit Patty’ Lied About Faking Phone Call to Police

The San Francisco woman made famous for a ridiculous call to police over an 8-year-old girl selling bottled water on the street alleged the 911 call was fake, but new audio suggests she lied about that.

New evidence suggests Permit Patty, a.k.a Alison Ettel, the white woman who called the police on an 8-year-old black girl for the very dangerous crime of selling water without a permit, was not wholly truthful in one of her interviews. Big shocker, huh? 

During an interview with SF Gate soon after the initial story began going viral, Ettel said she had only pretended to call the police on the child, claiming she was frustrated after the girl and her mother had been “making noise for several hours.” Today, local news station KTVU obtained 911 call audio from the city of San Francisco that proves Ettel did, in fact, call the cops. 

Ettel can be heard saying, “I have someone who does not have a vendor permit that’s selling water across from the ballpark.” She then asks to talk to someone about that, and the dispatcher asks Ettel to hold until she can be connected with San Francisco Police. Ettel holds for 17 seconds and then the call is cut, though it is unclear whether Ettel hung up or the call was simply disconnected. 

The young girl was selling water to save up for a trip to Disneyland, since her mother had recently lost her job, per USA Today. In a happy twist, a man on Twitter who saw the video online bought the girl four tickets to Disneyland.

I think she might be kinda happy @BrannonMusic 😂 pic.twitter.com/o0t00O7gI8

Ettel, who was the CEO a TreatWell Health, a company that sold marijuana-based tinctures and edibles, resigned after the incident. She also says she’s received death threats after the video went viral.

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