LA-born singer Syd B has been bubbling up for a couple of years now with a steady stream of thoughtfully-crafted singles, and now all that hard work has culminated in the release of her debut EP, Water Me. A potent mix of carefully considered lyricism and attention-grabbing hooks, each of the five tracks show a young artist who's worked phenomenally hard on her music, taking the time to explore herself as both a person and a songwriter. Simultaneously stoic and vulnerable, it's an impressive debut project and no doubt just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Syd B's potential.

"I've been fortunate enough to experience, share, and be vulnerable with some special people, and with this vulnerability I have also put myself in positions where my sense of self has been washed away rather than watered and nourished. These songs explain and allow me to cope with my own ego and the ego of those I surround myself with, power, control, self worth, and intimacy."