Dame Dash and Rachel Roy's custody dispute is getting uglier.

Back in April, Dash filed a request for more custodial time with his and Roy's 11-year-old daughter, Tallulah. The hip-hop mogul said his decreased work schedule allowed him to see their child more often, and expressed concern that his ex-wife's drinking could put Tallulah's life at risk.

Per The Blast:

In his filing, Dash brings up an alleged incident that went down at a Christmas party both attended last year. He claims Roy became "very intoxicated to the point she could not drive herself or our daughter" home.

Dash says his current wife drove Roy and their kid home. He says he is concerned that if he had not been at the party, Roy would have driven away with Tallulah while intoxicated. He even attached text messages which appear to show Roy apologize for the night in question.

Roy has responded to Dash's filing with a series of more allegations.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the 45-year-old fashion designer argues the custody deal should not change, as her ex-husband has demonstrated abusive and negligent behavior around their children. Roy claims Dash's history of domestic violence has scarred their daughters—Tallulah and 19-year-old Ava—so much so that they have anxiety every time they see him. She also accuses Dash of shaming Tallulah for not purchasing him a birthday gift, and says he smokes marijuana in front of their kids.

Roy wants Dash to attend mandatory anger management classes and therapy sessions.

The former couple's oldest daughter, Ava, has filed court documents stating she is fearful of her father, as his drug and alcohol use make him volatile.

Dash has filed a responses aying he has done "everything in my power to rehabilitate from the past”

"The Petitioner would have this court believe that I am only requesting more time with Tallulah to somehow get back at her," he said. "Nothing could be further from the truth."