Mir Fontane has shared the official video for "On Mommy," the latest single off his upcoming album, Who's Watching the Kids 2.

Directed by Ryan Halbe, the video follows the New Jersey native inside a large home that is occupied by two playful children. As the visual continues, its revealed that Fontane is inside a mortuary preparing the kids for burial. The artist said the concept was inspired by a horror anthology and reflected the downside of inner-city life. 

"The video was inspired by the Netflix show A Haunting in Hill House," he told Complex. "With the song being called 'On Mommy,' I wanted to mix the innocence of children with the grim reality of the young lives often taken in my city too soon. With me playing the mortician to these kids whose spirits are still very much alive in the house, and the mystery of their demise never being exposed, it’s a cool call back to the album title Who’s Watching the Kids."

You can check out the "On Mommy" video above. Who's Watching the Kids 2—the sequel to his 2016 project—can be streamed below.