Uncle Mez is back with a bang. The Tyrone 2 EP has just landed, and he's been pretty generous with the tracklist. In fact, clocking in at 11 tracks, calling it an EP at all is a stretch—not that we're complaining. The project was first hinted at back in January with a remix of Skepta's "Nasty", though sadly that doesn't appear on the project.

The one and only feature on Tyrone 2 comes from D Double E, and the pair make perfect sparring partners on the Eastern-influenced "Focus". Production-wise, this time round Mez has gathered together the very finest of the scene and some of his closest collaborators, such as Grandmixxer ("Open The Door", "For The Books"), Sir Spyro ("T Specialist", "P&G"), P Jam and Trends ("T Rex"), Lolingo ("Judas"), General Courts ("For The Books") and Diamondz ("Hunt For The Pumps 2", "Up Suh", "Still Marga", "Focus"). 

If you weren't lucky enough to grab tickets for D Double's current UK tour with Mez, get familiar with the EP below.