A Madison Beer concert was briefly interrupted when a gun scare caused a panic in the crowd.

The singer was midway through a cover of Radiohead's "Creep" during her set at Napa Valley BottleRock festival when screams could be heard in the audience. Beer rushed to the side of the stage, and asked the crew what was happening. In video from the show, a man in a green coat can be seen standing alone near the stage. Reports about the incident say that witnesses believed he had a gun.

However, authorities revealed that the man did not have a weapon. He was removed from the crowd and further video shows him being escorted out by police. 

"There was a minor disturbance at the Bai Stage during the Napa Valley BottleRock concert on Saturday," the Napa PD explained to Us Weekly. "There was a disturbance, at 5:45 pm, but no weapon was involved and no one was injured. The man who caused the disturbance was removed from the grounds, there was no threat to the community."

Beer's mother Tracie was clearly shaken by the incident. She posted a frightened message to Instagram.

"As a parent all you want to do is protect your children. Is so disturbing to me that the world we’re living in has made us has feel the need to have to always be aware of our surroundings. Looking over your shoulder in public places such as a concert where you’d like to feel free & distress from life’s worries seems so sad to me... but this is the world we live in unfortunately," she said. "Last nights scare truly was disturbing & unsettling. My thoughts, prays & love to anyone that was in the crowd."