As fans of Logic eagerly await Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the rapper took to his Twitter to address a widespread obstacle encountered by a multitude of musicians.

"Just want to take a moment and say, Fuck sample [sic] clearence. Fuck clearing samples," he said. "Fuck people taking all a producers money for not doing shit and fuck the companies that say no just cuz. This is hip hop. I’m tired of replaying shit. Fuck the money. This why mixtapes was so good."

Following this tweet, Logic criticized the current process of clearing samples, saying that young artist often lose out on placements because there is no way to contact a song's originator.

For generations, artists have been dealing with the issue of clearing samples for their studio albums. If an artist creates a song that contains an interpolation or piece of a previously recorded song, that artist has to seek permission (often times, from multiple entities), to commercially release it. Whereas with mixtapes, rappers can enjoy a little more creative freedom, often skipping the entire clearance process with no repercussions (though this is not always the case).

Despite this somber tweet, Logic reassured his fans that COADM is going to be some of his best work.

Logic is definitely staying busy; in addition to dropping the soundtrack to his bestselling book Supermarket, he recently released "Homicide." The new song features Eminem and serves as the third single for his upcoming project.