London-based producer Courage has just dropped something very special on us. Building on 2016's Get Some Courage EP (which notably featured yet another diamond collab with Ray BLK), he's now followed it up with Volume 2, an eight-track blend of hip-hop, laid-back electronics, R&B and several other strains of club music besides. Bringing in even more collaborators and vocalists than the first volume, including newcomers Taura, RoRo, and Raheaven. It also features even more surprises than its predecessor, which was an eclectic release in its own right. The surprises start early too; as the producer tells us below, the burst of conscious bars and soulful melodies from RoRo on opener "Prophecies" happened almost completely by chance.

Speaking with Complex via email, Courage told us: "'Prophecies' was always going to be the first track on the EP but needed someone special to elevate it to the next level, I got a call and was introduced to a mysterious person over from Barbados wanting to jump on the track. Little did I know I was about to meet an incredibly talented human who was perfect to introduce my latest body of work."