It's about to be a hot summer for Toronto-based Chris LaRocca. The self-taught musician is set to release his next project, Saudade, on July 17 and today is kicking things off with a new single, "Heated Up" which you can hear for the first time here on Complex

"This song is about a very long relationship I was in," Chris tells us via email. "It’s an unrequited love song about a situation where one person is emotionally and intimately absent, and the effects that can have on the other person involved. I was very emotionally charged at this point and I wrote, arranged and produced this song to its final point within a couple weeks of starting it, which usually isn’t the case in our workflow."

The title of his EP Saudade is actually an untranslatable word that exists only in the Portuguese language, describing a melancholic nostalgia for a moment that never actually occurred, so you can bet that Chris' project will deliver if you're a fan of the emotive, longing style of electro-R&B that he's become noted for since the release of his debut EP Voila back in 2017. 

Enjoy "Heated Up" here today or add it to your Spotify playlists, and watch for Saudade to release July 17 everywhere. 



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