Bailey Wiley has been quietly dropping singles for a minute now. From way back when we highlighted “Lady” in 2017, to 2018’s stellar “Sugar” with fellow NZ breakthrough Melodownz and, more recently, “Zaddy” in April, the momentum is building around the NZ songstress.

On the way to a self-titled EP, Bailey Wiley this week drops “Between The Lines”. Featuring stellar production from SWIDT’s ever-versatile SmokeyGotBeatz, “Between The Lines” is, quite simply, a bop.

Bailey’s vocal performance is as irresistible to listen to as it was challenging for the singer to master. While the track references Bailey in the early stages of infatuation, her vocals came at a time when she was rediscovering her love for making music.

“Musically I was coming into the light when I wrote this song,” Bailey says. “Honestly speaking, I was only just beginning to fall in love with the art of singing again after taking time out. I am very proud of the vocals in this song, because of how hard I worked to get them right.”

”To be honest, I couldn’t actually sing it from top to bottom when I first wrote it because my voice was so out of practice. But with some discipline and boundaries around my lifestyle, I got stronger and taught myself to sing again.”

Stream "Between The Lines" above and check for Bailey Wiley's self-titled EP dropping May 17 via A Label Called Success.