50 Cent has been pestering Teairra Mari for money ever since he won the revenge porn lawsuit she filed against him. The G-Unit rapper was awarded $35,000 earlier this year, and he's been asking for the money since January. He recently demanded that she give him an additional $25,000 for taking so long. With Mari missing court dates relating to the case, the Love & Hip Hop star has now been ordered to provide 50 with her bank statements.

The Blast reports that Mari appeared in court on Wednesday in Los Angeles, presenting numerous bank records, pay stubs, and tax returns. Her extensive documents outlined all of her income, allowing 50 to figure out how he can actually get the $35,000 she owes him. She previously missed a hearing and said she was attending her grandfather's funeral, which she has since proved by submitting the funeral program.

Of course, 50 isn't done with her yet, because he's already posted on Instagram following the report. "So you say your [sic] broke, well I'm gonna have to look into this because I say I'm broke when I need to be," he wrote on IG. "I want my fucxin [sic] money, by Monday." 

Mari released a song entitled "I Ain't Got It" when 50 didn't let up, hoping he would finally leave her alone if she claimed to have no money. However, he's persisted and is inching ever so closer to getting what he wants.