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Apple Music has released a new trailer for Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam, a five-part docuseries that explores "the most intimate aspects" of the rapper's life.

The episode 2 clip finds Wiz reflecting on one the biggest moments in his early career, when he was putting in work at Pittsburgh's ID Labs Recording Studio. The 31-year-old artist remembers paying the standard $60 fee for a one-hour studio session, before he caught the attention of ID Labs' owner.

"The owner, E. Dan, called me, like, one day after school. He's, like, 'Yeah, we want to work with you.' I'm like, 'What the fc*k?" Wiz recalled. "[E. Dan said] 'You could answer the phones, you can clean up, you can run some errands for us, and we'll pay you with studio time.' I was like, 'Daaaaaamn!' That's like gettin' a record deal back then."

From there, E. Dan took Wiz under his wing and taught the then-aspiring rapper the basics of creating a song. As Wiz began to learn the ropes, his studio duties were placed on the backburner.

"Since we both, sort of, immediately knew we were onto something, and we were really enjoying the music we were making, I was pretty quickly not concerned with, like, whether he was keeping up with the floor-sweeping duties," E. Dan said in the clip. "It was like, 'This is cool. The music we're doing is going to take care of everything.'"

You can check out the exclusive preview, featuring throwback footage of Wiz's studio sessions, above. Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam will premiere April 17 on Apple Music. The series was produced by SMAC Entertainment, Taylor Gang, Dirty Robber, and Atlantic Records.