For reasons not entirely clear, there are indeed still people in this world who choose to partake in dumbass activities like throwing drinks at performers and acting surprised when the artists reveal they aren't exactly keen on all that.

In what is arguably the most thrilling example yet of one of these show-ruiners getting makeshift justice in real time, Earl Sweatshirt quickly had what damn near sounds like the entire rest of the audience on his side after an attendee decided to lob a drink onstage during a tour stop in Arizona this weekend.


Earl kicking someone out for throwing a beer on stage was my favorite part of the night.

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"Why you throw a fully loaded Budweiser, my n****?" Earl is seen telling the drink thrower in fan-shot footage from the Club Red show. As the audience loudly started to turn on the person in question, Earl continued.

"You're on some real smug white man shit right now," he told the person, who at this point was the sole subject of boos and can be heard here being referred to by another audience member as a "fucking bum." Earl eventually had the man booted from the venue, joking later that he was "wild resisting" the removal.

"That shit is super duper out," Earl said. "That shit is super duper out and lame. I bet you feeling hella weird right now. You wasn't expecting no public humiliation . . . Get him out!" Naturally, the attendee's exit was met with a wave of cheers from the rest of the audience.

Earl's fucking incredible Some Rap Songs dropped back in November. The 15-track album was followed with the release of the Nowhere, Nobody short film, co-directed by Naima Ramos-Chapman and Terence Nance.