Following the tragic murder of Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles last month, artists and fans have united to pay their respects to the Grammy nominee's years in the industry as a proven song-crafter and force for change in his community. Unfortunately, another segment of the responses to Hussle's death has been focused on Kodak Black, who notably made insensitive comments about Lauren London during a recent Instagram Live session.

T.I. was quick to criticize the remarks from Kodak, whose artwork has since been pulled from his Trap Music Museum in Atlanta. Now, T.I. has some more advice. The rapper gave his latest comments on the Kodak back-and-forth while being bothered at the Los Angeles International Airport. Asked about Kodak recently "ramping it up," T.I. affirmed that he has no ill will toward Kodak but urged him to seek the knowledge he believes would greatly improve his life.

"The respect of a non respectable person is not valued," T.I. first pointed out, as seen in the TMZ-shared video below. "I'm respected by respectable people, people who actually can be held to high regard." From there, he laid out a message he hopes Kodak will be open to receiving.

"You saw a legend, a revolutionary, transition into an unlimited spirit, a limitless spirit. That's what we saw," T.I. said of Hussle's death before segueing into an assessment of Kodak's recent comments. "That shit there, that's just slime. I mean, listen man, to be honest with you, that's all his brain capacity could come up with. I urge him to go educate himself and enlighten himself because if he knew better, he'd do better."

T.I. added that, for now, he will continue to "pray for wisdom and enlightenment" for Kodak, though that's ultimately up to him. "I just hope he fix it before it fix him," he said. "That's all I can do. I don't wish no pain on him, I don't wish no harm on him, but ultimately the laws of reciprocity are in order at all times. You get what you give so the energy he's putting out there, it's gon' come find him."

During a recent visit to Hussle's Marathon Clothing shop in Los Angeles, T.I. told fans who were down with supporting the legacy to be sure and get some Marathon Clothing pieces of their own. "Representing for lil bro," T.I. said in an Instagram update. "Anybody wanna support lil bro and anybody who wanna support the cause, go online, man, and buy you an original."