Schoolboy Q appeared on REAL 92.3 to speak on the passing of Nipsey Hussle, his new music from his upcoming album, and more.

As his interview with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed began, Q briefly touched on Hussle's death. 

"That heavy, you know what I mean?" Q said while trying to find the words to describe Nipsey's passing. "It real real real heavy... it's a sad for a dude that did so much. But you know what I mean, he's legendary man. Legendary."

Q then went on to thank iHeart Radio for understanding his grieving process and not forcing him to release his latest single "Chopstix" featuring Travis Scott following Nipsey's murder. 

"Shout out to iHeart, you know what I mean," Q said. "This is a big machine... but they know what's happening. That's big time on iHeart's behalf."

True to the persona fans have known to love, Q quickly livened up this somber conversation. He touched on the various hobbies he's picked up since his last project including his affinity for golf. Q also disclosed that before their superstardom, he and Kendrick once played a show for nine people. 

"Listen, me and Kendrick did a show in Detroit in front of nine people," Schoolboy recalled. "Only nine people showed up... That was when [Dr. Dre] was on it... I remember after the show [Kendrick Lamar] hopped on a jet after he performed for like nine people or some shit like that."