Relationships can be intense; sometimes it's a good thing, an all-consuming passion that leaves the pair of you unable to be apart. Other times, however, things can take a darker turn. Sometimes that all-consuming passion turns into obsession, jealousy and even paranoia. Rising R&B star BAELY seems all to aware of that on his latest single, "Talking To The Walls", in which he explores every one of those intense feelings and the destruction it wreaks on a relationship.

Production comes from Marco Bernardis and Tyler 'Lophiile' Acord, both of Radiant Child, who have crafted a funk-infused R&B production with a surprising amount of drive for BAELY's heartbreaking tale to play out.

Meanwhile, the video, which comes from director Jordan Stephens, follows BAELY on a tireless search for his elusive lover. As the video plays out we gradually see some of the more toxic elements rear their heads as his efforts become obsessive before consuming him entirely.

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