For those that follow Metro Boomin on social media, they know that the super-producer tries to maintain a ray of positivity. He even starts off every day by tweeting "Thank God for the day!" Yet, sometimes the internet forces even the most serene people to fire back at the trolls. On Wednesday, Metro Boomin stepped outside of his usual persona to respond to a Twitter troll. 

After a video of Metro Boomin's new charm commemorating his Boominati record label swept the internet, one user committed the cardinal sin of pocket watching someone who probably has more money than him.

The criticism  didn't get to Metro until two days later. But when it did, he emerged from his reclusive nature to highlight the irony of the troll's tweet.

"U could have easily used yo twitter fingers to see that I do plenty for the kids and the people," he wrote. "But u niggas be so thirsty for clout so imma give u sum. I don’t seek validation and feel the need to post every time I give back or donate because I don’t do it for that."

Like Metro stated in his retort, if the user would have simply typed "Metro Boomin charity" into his desired search engine, he would've come across a host of stories documenting the artist's philanthropic endeavors. Not only does he help sunderprivileged youth from his native St. Louis attend college, but he also offers support to single mothers in his hometown. 

On the bright side, this exchange resulted in a short Q&A session between Boomin and his fans, in which he disclosed the origins of his name, his favorite video game, and more.