Beyoncé premiered both her 2013 documentary Life Is But a Dream and the On the Run concert special with the HBO. However, she ultimately decided to go with Netflix for her Coachella behind-the-scenes feature, Homecoming.

Vulture reports that Bey did have talks with HBO, but Netflix decided to swoop in last-minute with a larger sum of money.Industry sources indicate that the conversations fell through after Netflix stepped in with a ridiculous deal for Bey and her team. Considering how much HBO has been spending on its heavy hitters like Game of Thrones, they reportedly could not justify dropping more money on Homecoming than Netflix.

It's not clear how much Netflix paid for the special, but the streaming giant has made similar moves in the past. They famously paid Dave Chappelle $60 million for three stand-up specials and acquired Springsteen on Broadway last year for somewhere around $20 million. Pockets run deep at both HBO and Netflix, but it's clear there's a limit when it comes to the former's spending.

Homecoming is available to watch on Netflix now.