T.I. knows that one of the many signs of a broken justice system is excessive and unbalanced sentencing. 

On Monday, the Atlanta rapper addressed this issue while reiterating his support for Lil C Note, the 12-year-old rapper who was arrested last month after he was suspected of loitering inside a Cumberland, Georgia mall back in October. A now-viral video shows an officer grabbing the child's arm and threatening him with time behind bars.

"You're 12?" told Lil C Note. "You're about to go to jail." 

The video then begins to shake as the woman behind the camera—Lil C Note's aunt—begins screaming at the officer for putting his hands on her nephew. Lil C Note was ultimately charged with felony obstruction, misdemeanor obstruction, and criminal trespassing, while his aunt was hit with felony obstruction, giving false ID, criminal trespassing, and misdemeanor obstruction charges.

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Authorities said the child was approached because he was warned on two previous occasions not to sell his mixtapes within the shopping center. Lil C Note's lawyer, however, insists the child did nothing wrong. "When he was there, he was not selling any CDs or doing anything that would have been prohibited," attorney Mawuli Davis said during a court hearing last month. "He was there meeting other artists."

T.I. reiterated his support for Lil C Note by suggesting the child's sentencing was too severe. The 38-year-old rapper compared the child's case to that of Nataliia Karia, a Minneapolis daycare provider who only received 10 years probation for hanging a toddler.

T.I. spoke about Lil C Note's case during a press conference in early January. "Me, I tell it like it is," T.I. said "Basically, it's our black kids getting picked on. You know if that was a white kid, nothing would've ever happened."

The child's attorney said he is hoping the charges will be dismissed before the case goes to trial.