Fans of Rihanna have been waiting for a new album for quite some time now, as the thirst for a new project from her feels like it's reaching an all-time high. In fact, last month it was reported that her new full-length was already done, sending fans into a frenzy. While those reports are not yet substantiated, an unauthorized album full of unreleased Rihanna music surfaced on iTunes under the alias Fenty Fantasia, over the weekend. Fans even managed to get it to debut at No. 67 on the Worldwide iTunes Albums Chart.

As expected, however, the release was deleted from the service shortly after. A lot of the songs on the release, which was titled Angel, had previously surfaced online in some way or another, with some of them dating as far back as 2009. 

When word of the album started to make it to social media, a fan asked her directly what's going on with Angel. "Shits crazy," she said in a simple response. 

It's unclear how the album made it onto iTunes and Apple Music to begin with, but it's clear fans will have to wait a little longer before they get an official new release from Rihanna. Her last studio album, ANTI, arrived all the way back in 2016.