Newcastle-raised songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Wilma Archer has been creating music in one form or another for quite a few years now, but he's now about to release his biggest project yet: The Burd album with Odd Future's Pyramid Vritra under the name Wilma Vritra.

The album was announced last month with lead single "Targets & Digits" and a suitably surreal music video to go with it. With the album dropping April 5 via Bad Taste Records, we're now getting the project's second single, "The Hill". Where the first track was a hazy trip, "The Hill" feels a little lighter, but no less soulful. The use of live instruments behind Vritra's relaxed and level-headed rhymes gives the track just enough flashes of colour to keep the mood lifted until the track's end.

Speaking with Complex via email, Archer said: "I feel like the album is a window. Or a screen. You stay inside and watch the world happen. The truth is that sometimes the world isn't pretty, and it isn't happy; sometimes it is, but most times it isn't. Each track is a different take on that reality on display to me."