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Perth rapper T$oko is back with his new single “Rudeboi”, his first since his Just A Gent collaboration “VIBE” almost a year ago. But even after a little bit of a break, T$oko manages to keep that same energy.

With its large, anthemic synths, “Rudeboi” is a high-octane cut reminiscent of mid-2000s hip-hop. T$oko immediately drops into a triplet flow, tapping into a bag of braggadocio that finds his cadence as engaging as the instrumental. The song is propelled by a rumbling 808 that feels designed for festival floors. The topic of the track? It’s simple — he’s a rudeboi. Speaking on the single, T$oko says “I pride myself in creating something different, it’s okay to be different, just be who you are and elevate above it all.”

This new single is the first taste of T$oko’s 2019, which includes plans to drop an EP. Although he didn’t release much in terms of music in 2018, the rep grew bigger through big-time gigs such as Laneway Festival in Fremantle and Jumanji Festival.

Expect to see T$oko back on the road in 2019. In the meantime, you can listen to “Rudeboi” above.