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Singer-songwriter Goldwash is ready with a new single. "You Don't Wanna Feed The Fire Anymore" arrives at the perfect time to catch the last icy gusts before spring and summer completely take over. As he explains in more detail below, the new single is essentially about feeling very low but not entirely hating the experience. Fans of James Blake's wintry electronic soul will find this one easy to get into, but you can hear him beginning to lighten things up. The new single comes from his upcoming debut full-length album, Flat Earth Surf Club (due this summer), which he recorded after upping sticks to Ensenada, Mexico with the last of his savings, so expect even more bursts of colour in the coming months.

Speaking with Complex via email, the singer and pianist told us: "It's a song about the surreal, psychedelic side of feeling down and out. The lyrics are pretty blunt and relatable (I hope) for anyone who's been at the tail end of a relationship. I drew on my background in jazz piano and barbershop singing to set the mood with thick, unusual harmonies."