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Citing influences ranging from Freddie Mercury to Frank Ocean, it's safe to assume that PLTO's music is powered by roaring vocals. Of course, few can confidently mirror those inspirations, but The Toronto singer's impressive delivery would do his idols proud. After hibernating and cooking up some new music these last few months, PLTO is now ready to take the next step by reintroducing himself to the world via a brand new single.

Entitled "Something You Shouldn't Know", the fresh and totally massive pop ballad thrusts listeners into an ocean of lush sonics and sincere lyrics tinged with longing and regret. Speaking to Complex CA via email, PLTO says that his new banger is the direct result of some serious emotional pain. "[The song] comes from a very vulnerable place where no one wins. My relationship wasn’t a sunrise after the darkest storm. It was me coming to a realization that I had to keep loving, knowing my other half would never meet me in the middle or I would leave alone.”

You can listen to the track in full below via Spotify, and be sure to follow PLTO on Instagram for updates on new material.