Leikeli47 is tired of conversations about the mask.

"If you are still talking about the mask, you may not get it," she says. "We all know that I wear the mask to keep the focus strictly and directly on the art."

So, let's talk about the art. In late 2018, the Brooklyn native dropped an album, Acrylic, full of honest storytelling wrapped in a swaggering delivery. One of the project's highlights, "No Reload," is described by Leikeli as her "trap self-care." Aiming to create as many music videos as possible for Acrylic, "No Reload" is up next for Leikeli. The black-and-white visual features dramatic shots of 47 alongside a dancer named Clarys, as she rattles off confident bars like, "If you want another feature for the road, no reload/If you tryna get a meeting, that’s a no, no reload."

The premiere of the "No Reload" video is below, followed by our full interview with Leikeli47 about music, mystery, International Women's Day, and her first headlining tour.