Joey Badass has reportedly squashed his legal battle with Phillip Wilburn—a professional Trump impersonator who accused the rapper of causing him serious injuries.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Joey has agreed to settle a hefty lawsuit Wilburn had filed nearly two years ago. The suit stemmed from a 2016 MTV event in which Wilburn was performing as then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Video shows Wilburn climbing on stage to join a Hillary Clinton impersonator as well as Joey. Once the Pro Era artist realizes who Wilburn is portraying, he flips the impersonator off and then pushes him into the crowd. The video doesn't show what happened to Wilburn once he was on the ground. 

Wilburn eventually sued Joey for $1.5 million in damages, including $1,000 in medical expenses, $25,000 for a potential surgery, and $50,000 in lost profits. Joey—a noted Trump critic—denied any wrongdoing and insisted Wilburn assumed a risk when he got on the stage uninvited. The rapper also argued that there were other factors that led to Wilburn's injuries, and that the case should, therefore, be dismissed.

The Blast does not provide details of the settlement, but reports the suit is officially closed. 

Joey is now preparing to release the long-awaited Pro Era album later this year. He teased the effort in late January, claiming it had already been completed.

Fans can also catch Joey at the annual Governor's Ball this summer.