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Outside of trolling his long list of enemies, 50 Cent also uses his Instagram to flex his deep appreciation for expensive cars. However, it seems like the rapper might have met a formative opponent on both fronts as actor Jake Gyllenhaal stunted on 50 with his new, "sick" whip.

On Thursday, Gyllenhaal took to Instagram with a post aimed directly at 50's car collection. Gyllenhaal's video begins with an up-close shot of what appears to be an aftermarket tire and rim. But as the actor begins to pan out, it's revealed that Gyllenhaal is actually shooting a battery-powered toy car. Yet, Gyllenhaal never breaks character. Continuing to mimic a faux-challenge to the rapper with his commentary as well as in the caption that reads "Get in my car, [50 Cent]."

50 Cent wouldn't be 50 Cent if he didn't respond. Shortly after Gyllenhaal's clip, 50 uploaded two separate posts in which he conceded to the actor's whip game.

"My man just got some new wheels these are way better than Forgiato’s get your weight up BIG BOY TOY’s," the rapper wrote in his first response. 50 then went on to praise Gyllenhaal's latest "purchase."

"My man [Jake Gyllenhaal] just got this new Red thing we are not playing out here," 50 Cent said to his followers. "this is serious business. We rolling LOL."

Gyllenhaal and 50 Cent worked together on the 2015 film Southpaw and appear to have maintained a friendship.