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Jacquees has never been shy about saying what he feels. His off-the-cuff statements like proclaiming himself the King of R&B has put him in some very sticky situations. And while visiting the Los Angeles radio show Big Boy's Neighborhood, Jacquees once again said what was on his mind about the buried friction between himself and hometown hero DJ Mustard.

During Monday's interview, a co-host asked Jacquees why his popular spin of Ella Mai's record "Trip" was removed from the internet and SoundCloud.

"Really though DJ Mustard hated on me," Jacquees explained. "No cap, though. That was crazy—shout out to YG though that's my partner and I want to work with DJ Mustard, too—But that was a hating move."

The singer then went on to explain that he does renditions of various popular songs which he calls "quemixes." This has been something he's done since before he was discovered and has carried with him into the limelight. He expressed how he thought making a "quemix" of "Trip" would be beneficial to both himself and Mustard's artist Ella Mai.

Jacquees' take on Ella Mai's "Trip" was almost another breakthrough moment for the Atlanta native. But when the song mysteriously disappeared from the internet, many assumed Ella Mai had gotten upset that his version was gaining popularity. This sparked rumors that Ella Mai was suing Jacquees as well as other speculations. As a result, DJ Mustard took to Twitter where he explained that he's the reason the song is not available.

As the founder of the 10 Summers label that signed Ella Mai, Mustard felt that Jacquees' attempt to profit off of her song through YouTube was taking food out his artist's mouth. While this seems like a clear business move, it is unsure how Mustard feels towards the situation as he hasn't spoken on the "Trip" controversy since the tweets. 

Despite the label issues, Jacquees insists that he and Ella Mai are friends, claiming that she loved his remix.

"And Ella Mai we had just became friends," Jacquees said. "I DM'd Ella Mai. I was like, 'I'm finna redo 'Trip' this hard.' And I dropped 'Trip' and Ella Mai commented on it. She put all the fire (emojis) on it... you know that means it's crazy."