Late last month, the Midwest was hit by a polar vortex that saw cities like Chicago reaching record lows of -40 degree weather. Instead of staying in like most people, Saba's Pivot Gang decided to take advantage of the unique weather event and film a music video for their new track "Jason Statham Pt. 2." 

Featuring verses from Joseph Chilliams and MFnMelo, "Jason Statham" is a strong reminder that the rapping talent in Pivot Gang goes beyond Saba. Produced by daedaePIVOT and squeakPIVOT, the brief but catchy song is held together by a hook from Saba himself. The video sees the group taking full advantage of the distinctive look to their city during the vortex, looking particuarly cozy and warm in their outfits.

Earlier this week, Saba announced he'll be joining J.I.D on tour in North America, with dates running through May until June. Next week, he'll kick off his tour in Europe.

Check out the video for "Jason Statham, Pt. 2" above, and get tickets for Saba's tour with J.I.D here.