This month, the UK music scene was rocked by the news of Blaine "Cadet" Johnson's tragic passing. In about a week's time, over 25 artists will take to the O2 Academy in Brixton for a special concert in memory of the South London MC. Amongst these will no doubt be Rapman, who pays tribute to Cadet in the way he knows best: mapping out the story with bars.

Opening out with behind-the-scenes footage from "Shiro's Story", Rapman goes on to detail his and Cadet's early connections and history together. Handing him the title of "hardest worker in the game", there's admiration at not only his talent but also his character, this alongside the palpable anguish at his untimely passing. 

The darkness of death will hang in the air for some time, but following on from Deno's tribute a week earlier and ahead of the (sold out) Rated Legend show in Brixton, it's a great comfort to see Cadet's legacy exalted in the right way.