Back once again with all the Parisian cool you could hope for, it's electro-pop duo Sacre who are here to share the third single from their upcoming album, Love Revolution. "9:00pm The Coconut Bar" comes hot on the heels of "7:00pm Vahine" and "8:00pm Junglization" and escalates the late-night club vibes even further as we draw ever closer towards midnight.

Where its two predecessors stopped just short of the dancefloor, each with a vibe best suited to a pre-party playlist, "9:00pm The Coconut Bar" finally sets its foot in the club with a quickened tempo and some bouncier rhythms. As their tale of overcoming self doubt plays out in more ways than one, that sense of taking the plunge and daring to push yourself makes itself heard in the track's rousing energy. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Hawaii and Sukil give some insight into the track: "Previously Sukil was listening to Hawaii on Radio 64, talking about his 'Love Revolution'. She decides to meet him and jumps in a taxi. It's now 9pm, and on her way to the bar she is lost in thought, reviewing her life. When she finally arrives at the bar the atmosphere is electric and Hawaii is looking straight at her... This is the third song of our 'Love Revolution' album. It's about the moment before you are about to make a big change in your life. When you picture everything that you've done wrong or right, when you decide what was happy or what was sad. This is the time / track of freedom."

A release date for the album hasn't been set in stone yet, but look out for "9:00pm The Coconut Bar" when it officially drops March 1.

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