As she concludes a run as support act on an arena tour with Snow Patrol, 19-year-old Northern Irish singer ROE is today sharing her new single "Down Days". Dubbing her music as "grumpy electro-pop", ROE's open, honest lyrics and penetrating vocals are complemented by the swirling combinations of instrumentation that surround them — her genre definition maybe not be doing her music the justice it deserves.

When speaking about the track, ROE told Complex: "I was having a really bad day. I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone without annoying them, and I was angry and frustrated at myself. I felt like my brain was about to explode, with no idea how to handle it. That night I came home and started to write this song as a way of trying to make myself feel better. It's okay not to feel okay. At a time when it can feel that we're surrounded by negativity and constant social pressure, it's important to remember that, no matter how shitty you feel, you are not alone."

Listen exclusively below.

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